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Smart Zone Games
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 20 Min
Suggested Ages 9+
Designer(s) John Yianni
Publisher Smart Zone Games

Keeping one eye on the Hive and the other on your opponent's reserves, the tension builds as one wrong move will see your Queen Bee engulfed quickly. Pick the best tactics to place the right piece wisely and be the first to block the Queen Bee in the Hive.
Hive is a board-less, strategic game for 2 players aged 8+.

Each tile has a unique way of moving (like in chess) and resembles the movement of the insect portrayed on the tile. For example, the grasshopper is the only tile which can jump.

Hive is a fun game to play due to its simple rules, but challenging for its depth. Hive improves each player's skills of strategic planning, tactical thinking and spatial vision. To win, you need to play both the offense (surround your opponent's bee) and the defense (to protect your queen bee).

A decorative storage bag makes it easy to carry, store and play anywhere.

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