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High Season: Grand Hotel Roll & Write

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Lookout Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 45-90 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Virginio Gigli, Ryan Hendrickson, Simone Luciani
Publisher Lookout Games

Welcome to the very best hotel in Vienna! In High Season: Grand Hotel Roll & Write, you will prepare rooms, accommodate guests, make personnel decisions, and court the favor of the emperor, all while managing your money and trying to avoid loans.

The game lasts seven rounds, and every player has a hotel board and staff board, with eight of each being available. At the beginning of a round, roll dice based on the number of players, then place them on the six spaces (numbered 1-6) on the action board. On your turn, draft one of the dice, then use the associated according to its strength, which is based on the number of dice on that space when you remove it. The actions will allow you to:

  • Get ready as many rooms for guests as the strength of the action, paying the cost for each.
  • Occupy a prepared room by paying the cost less the action's strength; gain the depicted one-time bonus when doing so.
  • Advance on the emperor track equal to the action's strength; get the listed bonuses as you reach them, with a point bonus for reaching the end of the track first.
  • Earn krone, the game's currency, equal to the action's strength.
  • Hire a staff member on your board, paying their cost less the action's strength. Two staff members will give you a permanent bonus, two grant a one-time effect, and two provide bonus points during scoring.

If you're the first player to occupy one of the eight rows or seven columns, you earn bonus points that are unavailable to anyone else who occupies this row or column later. When you occupy all the rooms in a contiguous color group on your board, you will gain an immediate bonus of points (for a blue group), krone (red), or steps on the emperor's track (yellow).

The bonuses and effects of the staff will differ on each board, so you need to figure out how to take advantage of the opportunities available through them in combination with your particular arrangement of hotel rooms and the dice available each round.

After seven rounds, players will tally their points, possibly losing some in the process for ignoring the emperor, but ideally overcoming that loss thanks to occupied rooms, assorted bonuses, and staff-generated endgame points.

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