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Heroes of Stalingrad

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Number of Players 2
Playtime 30-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Yann and Clem
Publisher IELLO

The Eastern Front, October 1942 — Whilst the German armies have put their boot down and established firm control of the Western front, their counterparts on the Eastern front are still very busy in the USSR. Many of them will soon be trapped in one of the larger Communist cities: Stalingrad.

Heroes of Stalingrad is a standalone wargame made by Devil Pig Games. Use of the dynamic and strategic HEROES SYSTEM: TACTICAL SCALE and dive right into one of the most decisive battles of the Second World War. Play as your favourite Hero alongside your friendly troops during two-player games of at least 30 minute. Perform heroic deeds of derring-do as seen in many famous War movies.

Whether or not you know our other games that use the same system, Heroes of Stalingrad is an ideal game to explore the HEROES SYSTEM: TACTICAL SCALE.

The area lies in ruins following heavy bombing by the Luftwaffe. Yet the Russians refuse to yield the city. Intense combat follows for control of every room in so many buildings as they are taken, lost, retaken,… time and again. The Germans refer to it as the Rattenkrieg, the war of the rats. Imagine charging infantry, exploding grenades, bursts of MG34 and DP28 machine gun fire, artillery and tanks releasing their deadly ordnance…

At night and during lulls in the battle, loudspeakers amplify the dreary propaganda messages as they relentlessly echo through the air in order to demoralize the enemy. For a brief moment nothing seems to stir in the omnipresent rubble. A sniper takes careful aim and fires a crisp single shot… one enemy less in Stalingrad...

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