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Hellton Palace

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Number of Players 2
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Jean-Baptiste Pigneur
Publisher IELLO

Somewhere, deep in the underworld, not far from the Styx and Elysian Fields, bellhops are readying themselves to knock on their guest's doors. And YES : they ARE scared.

In Hellton Palace, both players are managing a hotel, hiring bellhops to address the needs of their guests. But in the end, they all know the place is going to collapse at some point... Try to outlast your opponent!

An unsatisfied customer would penalize your reputation, but a too enthusiastic legendary creature or god can literally destroy the pillars supporting the building!

Twist your habit by having a new aim: Losing last!

On a turn:

1) Welcome a guest into one of the available rooms in the matching row.

2) Dismiss your bellhops by flipping their tile over to their "break" side.

3) Hire new ones by paying the cost with your hard-earned cash.

4) Move your Bellhop pawn from room #1 to #9. When they get to an empty room, ignore it and move on to the next one. When they reach an occupied room, pick whether to serve the Guest or not.

Serving a Guest removes their irritation token and makes them satisfied, which lets you apply the effects on their door hanger

If you choose not to serve the Guest, place an Irritation token on them except if they have one already. In this case, remove it with a Bell token. In this case, remove all irritation token and lose one bell token.

5) Pick between collecting coins (of all satisfied guests/all guests without irritation token) OR gaining a Bell token back.

There are two ways of ending the game:

A player has no bell token remaining

A player has a column with no pillar token remaining

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