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Hako Onna

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Number of Players 3-5
Playtime 90-120 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) 江神 号 (Go Ejin)
Publisher WizKids

Now available in English from WizKids, the successful Japanese Game of Supernatural Horror, Hako Onna, is a game of horror hide-and-seek. One player plays the “Hako Onna” (the Woman in the Box), and the rest are “Visitors”, who are trying to flee from the mansion. As Visitors, you’ll try not to make noise as you search the shadowy rooms of the mansion for items to defend yourself, for information, and for a way to escape what you do not see, but know is there. But if you stumble across the Hako Onna, you’re dead. Players who find the Hako Onna become a Hakobito, one of her servants, and wake up with her to move throughout the house.

During most of Hako Onna's turn, the human players must keep their eyes shut so they cannot see where she moves to or what action she has done. The game also features a unique optional dexterity element that further adds to the game's overall tension and dread. Before a visitor can take their turn, they will need to avoid making noise by stacking a small disc on top the previous ones; if the tower collapses, they've made noise and it instantly becomes Hako Onna's turn.

Hako Onna can win the game one of two ways:

  • If all visitors are converted into Hakobito, or
  • If she made it impossible for the visitors to win.

The human players can succeed in one of three ways:

  • If they manage to kill Hako Onna after figuring out her only weakness,
  • If they locate the secret exit, while in posession of the key ring hidden inside the safe, or
  • If they can bring peace to Hako Onna by bringing the remains of her corpse to her precious doll, Mary.

Since its original publication in Japanese, Hako Onna has reached its fourth edition, and has even been republished in English by WizKids. The English edition comes with all-new cards for players to use as they experience the thrilling horror of this thematically-rich game.

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