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Grind House

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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 20-30 Min
Suggested Ages 15+
Designer(s) Jon Cohn
Publisher Everything Epic Games

You receive an invite to take part in a mysterious contest at the “Grind House,” an old mansion that once stood as the largest slaughterhouse in the state. The invite is signed simply by an individual known as “The Host.” The letter promises the opportunity to play a game to win a reward greater than you could possibly imagine. You arrive at a decaying mansion on a hill together with five other strangers. A tall, thin man in a tuxedo opens the huge ominous doors to usher you inside. “Thank you for attending this evening...” The Host says in a deep and ominous voice. “The entertainment will be… to die for!” The Host bursts into a sinister reverberating laugh. Behind you, the door slams shut and your hear the sound of a heavy deadbolt clicking into place. You and your fellow guests are trapped at the whims and mercy of The Host. “Shall we play a little game?”

Grind House is a narrative horror game for 2-6 players where you would be considered forunate if survival only costs an arm and a leg. While survival is the ultimate objective, each player has a classic archetype with a secret motive. Some characters like the Doctor may attempt to keep everyone alive, while the psychopath with surely attempt to split everyone apart. Others, like the Pianist, just want to keep their hands in one piece.

For those unfortunate souls who do perish in the house, the game is not over for them. Players can return as ghosts to haunt the remaining survivors as they try to make it through the Grind House unscathed. After exploring all 5 randomized rooms in the house, any survivors remaining total up their score to determine the winner.

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