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Gorilla Marketing

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Number of Players 3-8
Playtime 20-40 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Adam Wyse
Publisher Roxley

Here we have an advertising agency with a slight problem. To hear the CEO explain it, the fault lies with his "idiotic advertising execs". But the more immediate problem facing the firm is the fact that he has just fired all of them! Even witnesses all the way down on 4th Street could hear his rage-fueled tirade that he ended with "I COULD REPLACE YOU MORONS WITH GORILLAS AND GET BETTER RESULTS!!!" Fast forward to a month later, and his solution was exactly that. The old grouch replaced all of his employees with primates: you and your opponents. This is the glamorous lifestyle of 1960s advertising execs.

Gorilla Marketing is a party game of naming ridiculous products, companies, movies, bands, college courses, or food trucks! It is played over two rounds: In the first round, you name the thing, and in round 2, you write the advertising tag line for it.

Round 1 begins by each player picking a category and putting it at the top of their booklet. In the movie pack, for example, these categories might be something such as Horror or Western. Every turn, pass booklets to the left and roll the dice to form an acronym. The players must use the letters that were rolled and write down the name of a ridiculous movie that fits the acronym and the category of the booklet in front of them. Once your booklet makes its way back to you, it's time to use the crazy awards on your card to judge the best answer. Which of these Western movies has the "Closest Close-Up"? The gorillas with winning titles earn what we're all after: bananas!

In Round 2, we're passing booklets around again, using acronyms to make the advertising tag lines for the winning titles from Round 1. The best tag lines earns MORE BANANAS!

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