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Good Cop Bad Cop (Third Edition)

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Overworld Games
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Number of Players 4-8
Playtime 10-20 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Brian Henk, Clayton Skancke
Publisher Overworld Games

"You're a cop in a corrupted police district where you have to determine who's on your side and who's not with the ultimate goal of eliminating the leader of the opposing team. You'll use guns, equipment, deduction, and some social engineering to help your allies and take down your enemies. But be quick 'cause there aren't enough weapons for everyone!

The 3rd Edition, overall, makes the game a little easier to learn and play. It adds usability improvements in the graphic design of the cards, simplifies wording of the equipment, reduces the rulebook to a single page, adds an equipment reference sheet, and removes player numbers on equipment entirely.

The set of equipment has been culled to provide a more consistent experience that keeps the game moving towards a conclusion. One equipment was removed, one was added as new, and a few others were taken from expansion sets and promos.

The box art and design is new as well and this game is the first game of the Pull the Pin Games line. The 3rd Edition is backwards compatible with all previous expansions and promos.

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