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Game of Thrones Westeros & Essos 4D Globe Puzzle

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Number of Pieces 240
Difficulty Intermediate
Completed Measurements 3-inch
Artist -
Publisher 4D Cityscape Puzzles

4D Cityscape now brings the Official Game of Thrones World Globe Puzzle of Westeros & Essos! Based on the award winning HBO television series, this puzzle guides players through the assembly of Game of Throne's Unknown World. The Puzzle comes with plastic jigsaw puzzle pieces that form the various regions, locations of the Unknown World. Every puzzle piece is made out of plastic material that snaps together during assembly. No glue necessary and when completed it forms a complete globe! This puzzle is very fun and a great piece to display for fans of Game of Thrones. Puzzle includes a base stand to display final assembled product and is available in three sizes.

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