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FUSE Countdown

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 10 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Kane Klenko
Publisher Renegade Game Studios

FUSE Countdown is a brand new entry in the FUSE family, one that’s playable both standalone or as an expansion for the original FUSE!

Originally released in 2015 as one of Renegade’s very first games, Kane Klenko’s FUSE brought the tense action of bomb defusal to the tabletop, in a fast and simple, but extraordinarily challenging cooperative game! Taking just ten minutes to play and only minutes to teach, FUSE has appeal for all types of gamers!

Veteran FUSE bomb-disposal techs might think they have the original game down to a science, but FUSE Countdown will throw some new obstacles in their way while also giving some great new tools! Multi-colored dice, Spark cards, new configurations, and Roles all introduce new elements to the game! Multi-colored dice can fill spots of either color, giving a new level of flexibility AND challenge!

FUSE Countdown comes with:

  • Multi-colored Dice - can be used for either color
  • Spark Cards - When you can’t place a die, instead of rolling it and removing a related die, you take a Spark card. They work like a mini-bomb card you need to fulfill. You cannot win a game unless all active Spark cards are resolved.
  • Roles - Every player has a special player power.
  • New Cards! New bomb cards using some of the new features/icons. *New Fuse cards contain multiple colors/numbers
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