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Firefly Fluxx

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Looney Labs
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 5-30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Andrew Looney
Publisher Looney Labs

Join Mal, Wash, Zoë, Inara, Jayne, Simon, River, Kaylee, Book, and more as Fluxx enters the Verse at full speed. With the rules always changing, Firefly Fluxx is as unpredictable as misbehaving in space!

Fluxx is a card game where the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. By playing cards, you change many aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win.

At the beginning of the game, each player holds three cards and on a turn a player draws one card, then plays one card. By playing cards, you can active new rules into play that change numerous aspects of the game: how many cards to draw or play, how many cards you can hold in hand or have on the table in front of you, and (most importantly) how to win the game. There are multiple editions, themed siblings, and promo cards available.

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