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Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683

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Capstone Games
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Robert DeLeskie
Publisher Capstone Games

A 100,000-strong Ottoman army appears outside the Habsburg capital of Vienna. Within the city, 12,000 infantry, a city militia, and citizen-soldiers mount a desperate defense. As the Ottoman siege lines get closer to the city walls, the outnumbered Viennese cling to the faint hope a relief force will arrive in time to save them. For both sides, the real fight is a race against time.

Fire & Stone: Siege of Vienna 1683 put you in one of the most dramatic sieges in history. With a completely different set of cards for every player, you will conduct deadly assaults against impenetrable fortifications, dig tunnels packed with explosives, and launch desperate attacks to delay your enemy's advance. Or you can play powerful events with the power to alter the course of battle!

Comes with historical notes about the siege and 17th century siege warfare (knowledge not required to play the game).

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