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Catch Up Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 25-45 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Cyrille Leroy
Publisher Catch Up Games

You take on the role of a Nomarch in Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh has put you in charge of a Metropolis and its region. The flooding of the Nile is ending and the lands of the Valley are ready to offer their riches. Organize the collection of resources, construct districts with the most lucrative shops, supply them with goods and earn the most Debens for the glory of the Pharaoh. The player who makes the best use of the resources of the Nile Valley wins.

Fertility is a simple resource management game that raises tough choices for you to take. Each turn, collect some of the riches of the Valley of the Nile and immediately decide how to use them : supply one of your Shop to earn money, or spend them to build new districts, offering you new opportunities. Be wise since your choices are irreversible. None of the resources already stockpiled in your shops can be moved or reused until the end of the game. But any resource unspent by the end of the player's turn will be definitively lost. Optimize your turns and decisions if you want to win.

A player’s turn has three fast and simple steps. Players start by placing one of their Valley tile on the central board in order to collect resources : alabaster, bovines, papyrus flowers, grapes or wheat. They then have the opportunity to spend these resources to construct a new District tile on their Metropolis board, for opening new opportunities. Lastly, they supply their Shops in their Metropolis by stocking the resources remaining. Any resource that a player has left remaining at the end of their turn is lost. So, the goal is to collect as many resources as possible, but even more to be able to optimize how to use them. The game is over after 9 turns and each totally supplied Shop is worth money for their owner. The player with the highest amount of money is the winner of the game.

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