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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 15-30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Sabrina von Contzen, Hanno von Contzen
Publisher WizKids

Pauly the Potoo bird has fallen out of his nest! Slightly dizzy, Pauly eventually regains consciousness on the floor, surrounded by masses of shimmering feathers. In Featherlight, you will help Pauly put his collection of feathers back in order, ideally scoring more for your assistance than anyone else.

In further detail, each feather card in your hand can earn you points, based on what's in your hand, and which feathers are in the nest at game's end. Every feather color has similar scoring conditions, with slight variations from feather to feather. Some may want feather sets, while some may want odd or even numbers of feathers of a particular color. The more complex the card is to score, the more points you will earn.

During the game, you will swap cards to affect both your hand and the central nest, perhaps taking a card an opponent wants, perhaps bluffing desire for a card so that someone else takes it, thereby revealing what you actually wanted. The game is over as soon as the last card is drawn from one of the two draw piles, with players competing in either a single game or a three-game "Pauly's Feather Tournament" as desired.

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