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Far Away

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Number of Players 2
Playtime 90-150 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Alexander Jerabek
Publisher Cherry Picked Games

Far Away is a two-player cooperative board game about survival, discovery, and the crushing loneliness of being the only two humans for lightyears.

Join the Federation Alliance, a bureaucracy with an ambitious charter of exploring new worlds and a minimalist budget. Succeed in a variety of missions on randomly generated planets with unique ecosystems, without luxuries like radios, landing gear, and medical supplies. Trust in your partner is paramount as, without radios, you can’t communicate (in real life) after separating on the game board.

Survive, and you’ll be rewarded with a small paycheck. Succumb to the planet, and you’ll soon find out help is too Far Away.

The Far Away Program

The Federation Alliance initiated the Far Away program nearly 50 cycles ago to discover and explore new worlds. The missions we undertake are of critical importance to galactic prosperity. However, fiscal setbacks have forced us to reduce operational expenses. That’s where you, the willing explorer, can assist!

Explorer Duties

The Federation has several active missions for you to pick. Each offers unique challenges and potential secondary objectives we would love for you to accomplish off-the-clock. Thanks to the randomly generated universe, each mission attempt will be different.

Once you’ve picked a mission and crashed into the planet (landing gear has been deemed “optional”), you must begin surviving. Your goal is to finish the mission and rebuild your ship. You will fail if you die from hunger, loneliness, or multiple grievous injuries. Don’t fail!

Be warned: communication will be a challenge. Radios are not provided, so the only way to communicate with your partner is to be in close physical proximity. Plan accordingly! This not only encourages you to strategize, but also prevents the psychological meltdown that comes with being alone on an alien world.

Alien Creatures

Every planet has a unique ecosystem. Experts have identified upwards of 32 creatures in the known universe, each with their own unique behavioral patterns.

Explorers will be charged with Realistically and Objectively Log Events Performed Logically by Animals and Yourself (ROLEPLAY). Creature behavior is determined by their diet, temperament, and other factors. Explorers are provided a quick guide to educate them on default creature movement, but we encourage all explorers to embrace their inner-alien and log the creature actions with creativity and vibrant storytelling.

The Far Away Recruitment Kit

Your exploration kit can be delivered right to your home. Inside the 5.75# box, are over 800 pieces. We have provided an instruction manual so you can assemble your spaceship with minimal government intervention. Please register your DNA online so we may credit your account upon mission completion.

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