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Exploding Minions

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Exploding Kittens
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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 15 Min
Suggested Ages 7+
Designer(s) Matthew Inman, Elan Lee
Publisher Exploding Kittens

Presenting: Exploding Minions! Play the all new Minions themed version of your favorite explosive card game containing new card types and magical bananas.

Exploding Minions is a Minions-themed version of Russian Roulette. Players will take turns drawing cards until someone draws an Exploding Minion and loses the game. The deck is made up of cards that let you avoid exploding by peeking at cards before you draw, forcing your opponent to take multiple cards, or shuffling the deck.

The game will get more and more intense with each card you draw because fewer cards left in the deck means a greater chance of drawing the Exploding Minion.

The Minions adds a new game-changing card with them that allows players to Clone cards.

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