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Exit: The Game - The Mysterious Museum

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 45-90 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Inka Brand, Markus Brand
Publisher Kosmos

Use your team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to solve codes,
puzzles, collect objects, and earn your freedom.

You are on a trip to the Florence Natural History Museum, with the intention on visiting the sunken treasure of the Santa Maria.

Your relaxing day at the museum is rapidly derailed by an incredible adventure!

Can you solve the mysteries of the museum and escape?

  • Season 3 of the "Exit: The Game" series
  • Starting Season 3, Difficulty Level was introduced
  • "Escape Room" game
  • Up to 4 Player Cooperative
  • Real-Time Deduction and Puzzle
  • Includes Materials for Single Use

Difficulty Level: 2 of 5

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