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Escape the Dark Castle: Adventure Pack 1 – Cult of the Death Knight

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Themeborne Ltd.
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 20-45 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Alex Crispin, Thomas Pike, James Shelton
Publisher Themeborne Ltd.
Base Game Escape the Dark Castle

Welcome to a new era of The Dark Castle. The Death Knight has risen to prominence, his dark cult bringing new perils to the castle, his deadly curses plaguing those who seek to escape...

Cult of the Death Knight is an expansion pack for Escape the Dark Castle, adds new rules and content to expand and deepen your adventures. Along with a new boss, chapters and curse cards, this pack also adds 3 new playable characters: the Bishop, Hunter, and Mason. The all new prisoners are specialists in one particular area: The Mason’s might knows no bounds, the Hunter can be counted on for cunning, and the Bishop is well-known for his wisdom.

Expansion comes with:

  • 3 New Characters & their Custom Dice - each a powerful specialist
  • 15 New Chapter Cards – taking you to new areas of The Dark Castle
  • 1 New Boss Card – the Death Knight himself, Lord of Decay
  • 3 New Item Cards – Introducing Curses, terrible afflictions to thwart your progress
  • 1 Custom Cultist Dice – Pray you won't need to roll it
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