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Escape Tales: Low Memory

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 360-540 Min
Suggested Ages 16+
Designer(s) Jakub Caban, Bartosz Idzikowski
Publisher Board & Dice

Escape Tales: Low Memory is an escape room in card game format, with immersive exploration, no time restraints when solving puzzles, and a collection of tough choices that will catch and draw you deeply into a riveting story of a cyberpunk future. Low Memory is the next title in the Escape Tales products — a standalone story that can be played and loved without previous ownership of or familiarity with Escape Tales: The Awakening. All you need for a complete, satisfying, narrative, and challenging experience is already here!

In the year 2060. Elizabeth is bidding goodbye to her husband. They are going on a family trip, but Elizabeth must first complete a research project, so she promises to meet up with him later. A moment later, she watches her husband's autonomous vehicle leave, her thoughts already on her work. Another routine day — at least that is what Elizabeth thinks.

The next morning, Elizabeth wakes up on her sofa. She is has a terrible headache and her home is trashed — turned upside down as if there had been a break-in. Although she keeps trying, she can't remember anything after the moment she left work the night before. Elizabeth concludes to use the memory scanner. It is the best tool for the situation! However, technology comes at a price...

In Escape Tales: Low Memory, players will dive into the stories of 3 characters and will uncover — step by step — the plot that connects them all. Prepare for three gripping story lines grouped with a big dose of plot twists. Escape Tales: Low Memory holds many surprises in store!

What new game present to the line:

  • More cards with lots more riddles!
  • Three story lines, one plot: become three different characters and experience the main plot from three different sides to make the right call at the end of the game.
  • Each story shifts the gameplay: switching characters not only brings a new and different perspective but also changes how locations are explored.


  • 24 Action Tokens
  • 4 Progress Tokens
  • 148 Game Cards
  • 14 Stress Cards
  • 19 Location Cards
  • 1 Game Board
  • 3 Story Books
  • 1 Rulebook
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