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Escape Room: The Game - Family Edition: Time Travel

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Identity Games
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Number of Players 3-5
Playtime 60-195 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Markus Müller, White Castle
Publisher Identity Games

Can you maintain your cool under pressure? This escape room adventure ensures great fun and is an interesting change from conventional board games. As a family edition, it is ideal for the entire family

For roughly 195 minutes of fun - let yourself be carried away in three different time journeys (past, present, future - approx. 60 minutes each) and try to solve the exciting puzzles through real teamwork.

The Present

You have just learned that your history teacher Professor Jura dedicates her private life to keeping the evil supervillain Doctor Quarks from taking over the city of Lockholm. Now things are getting serious and she requires your assistance, before Quarks attacks her secret lab. That leaves you only 60 minutes to find that lab and figure out how to start the time machine.

The Past

There is a loud ‘POOF!’ and you spot a sci-fi -like wormhole tunnel through the time machine window. You are supposed to meet Professor Jura in the past so you hope you land in the right time. But what comes next? Does Professor Jura know where to go to stop Quarks? You only have enough time crystal energy for another 60 minutes. So you better solve these riddles quickly!

The Future

You arrive in Doctor Quark’s secret base in the future. Piece of cake! Or is it? Of course his guards see you and lock you up right after your arrival. The countdown for his invasion has already begun. 60 minutes for you to break out of your futuristic prison, figure out the way to his giant QuarksBot and disable it. Because if you don’t, Doctor Quarks will take over Lockholm with his army of bots. You got this!

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