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Endless Winter: Mammoth Module

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Fantasia Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Stan Kordonskiy, Jonny Pac
Publisher Fantasia Games
Base Game Endless Winter: Paleoamericans

Place the Mammoth miniature next to the Terrain board. During the game, whenever you get the ability to move Camps, you can forgo 2 Camp movements to move the Mammoth to any empty juncture of the Terrain board (a place where 3 hexes touch). Unlike Villages, this can include a juncture touching the Base Terrain tile. During the Eclipse phase, the Mammoth will compete for Influence over the hexes it touches as if it is another player. Its Influence will be equal to the current Round number. During the Eclipse phase, if you have less influence on a hex than the Mammoth, you do not get the benefit(s) of that hex. However, if you have equal or greater Influence than the Mammoth (and any other players), you will gain the depicted benefit(s) of the hex twice. This expansion is also compatible with River & Rafts expansion and Glacier tokens.

Contains 1 Mammoth miniature and instructions.

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