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Eminent Domain: Escalation

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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Seth Jaffee
Publisher Tasty Minstrel Games
Base Game Eminent Domain

Welcome back, Emperor. The time for unbridled expansion is over. Warmongers raise their flags over weaker empires, while civilized planets hide behind peace treaties. Brace yourself for rising tensions in this chapter of Eminent Domain: Escalation!

This expansion for Eminent Domain, which requires the base game to play, puts the following new tools at the Emperor's disposal:

New meaning to the larger ships in Eminent Domain.
Further Role cards to support a fifth player.
Additional technologies, each with an alternate cost on top of their normal Research cost.
New category of technology ("Diverse"), requiring one planet of each type to research.
Optional scenarios for asymmetric starting positions and technologies for all players.


  • 15 Planet Cards (Civilized x6, Hostile x3, Bustling x6)
  • 6 Start Planet Tiles
  • 5 Fleet Tiles
  • 32 New Technology Cards (Advanced x9, Fertile x9, Metallic x9, Diverse x5)
  • 18 Scenario Cards - Abundance, Battlecruiser, Scientific Discovery, Spoils of War, Colony Ship, Knowledge is Power, Overseer, Streamlined, Biosphere, Arms Dealer, Destroyer, Black Market, Explorer, Scorched Earth, Artificial Intelligence, Fertile Ground, Imperialism and Warmonger.
  • 28 Role Cards (now supporting up to five players)
  • 1 Player Aid Tile
  • 2 Central Display Errata Stickers (Warfare Icon, Survey Icon)
  • 3 Errata Cards (Logistics, Abundance, Bureaucracy)
  • Rulebook
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