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Eleven: Football Manager Board Game

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Portal Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Thomas Jansen
Publisher Portal Games

Eleven - the number of players you will have on the pitch at any given time, with those players making all the difference between being the best team and the worst. But each team knows that to be the best in the league it takes a lot more than players; it also takes an incredible manager.

Eleven: Football Manager Board Game is an economic strategy game taking place in a world of sport. Your job is to manage and grow your own football club over the course of a season. During the game, you will hire staff members, including trainers, physical therapists, PR specialists, and directors. You acquire sponsors, expand the stadium infrastructure, and also take care of your club's position in social media. Among the many tasks on the list are transferring new players and picking the right tactics for each of the upcoming matches.

Eleven may be played multiplayer or solo. The solo mode comes with six different scenarios that challenge players with different starting situations and goals for the season. In the beginning, the task is easy: You have to climb the steps of the football leagues and achieve the appropriate experience. You may have to manage the club in a crisis, and at other times you may have to rejuvenate a football team of players that are not so young anymore. You may also have to fight against time to try to finish the stadium before the deadline!

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