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Elder Sign: Grave Consequences

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Number of Players 1-8
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Molly Glover, Richard Launius
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Base Game Elder Sign

Designed by Richard Launius, the creator of Arkham Horror, the Grave Consequences expansion for Elder Sign introduces 50 new cards in three modular decks: Phobia, Epic Battle, and Epitaph.

  • Phobia cards have investigators lasting negative effects.
  • Epitaph cards create a tiny graveyard for the fallen.
  • Epic Battle cards up the difficulty and danger when battling the Ancient One.

All three of these decks and cards can be used together or separately, and they're all completely compatible with the core game, as well as all of its expansions. Whether you use one deck, or all of them, you’ll find they up the challenge and drama of your Elder Sign adventure. Additionally, they’ll immerse you more deeply into its world and help you connect more fully to the investigator that you're playing.

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