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Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham

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Number of Players 1-8
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Samuel Bailey, Richard Launius
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Base Game Elder Sign

The search for Elder Signs brings you out of the museum and into the legendary and cursed city of Arkham in the Gates of Arkham expansion for Elder Sign. A new deck of Arkham Adventure cards replaces the core set deck and transforms the game, taking you to infamous locations such as Velma's Diner, the Curiositie Shoppe, and the Uninvited Isle. Gates to Other Worlds are opening throughout the city, destabilizing space and time as new Ancient Ones threaten humanity. Join forces with 8 new investigators, using new skills and memberships to find the enduring advantages you need to survive Arkham's rough streets - and prevent the Ancient Ones from waking. The second expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative dice game of Lovecraftian horror The Streets of Arkham game mode brings the action into Arkham Features complete Arkham Adventures and Mythos decks to substitute for core set decks, and 8 more investigators help combat four new Ancient Ones

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