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echoes: The Cocktail

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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Matthew Dunstan, Dave Neale
Publisher Ravensburger

The seedy New York underworld makes dark plans in an illegal underground bar, and the echoes of the past hide the identity of its leader. You need to uncover that identity in echoes: The Cocktail.

echoes is a cooperative, audio mystery escape room-style game. Using the free app, players listen to mysterious voices and noises that are connected to the playing material. Together, players look for hints in the sound bites to connect parts of the story in order and solve the case.

In more detail, your task is to assemble the 24 parts of the story in the correct order; each part is represented by an object — either a card or a game board — and its associated echo. The entire story is divided into six different chapters, with each chapter being represented by a game board. By scanning the objects with the app, you'll hear the echo connected to each object, and by using noises and conversations in the echo, players try to figure out which three object cards are associated with a chapter and which order they should be placed. If you're not correct, the app will inform you which cards are in the wrong place or incorrect; if you are correct, you can listen to the entire chapter all at once — where new, additional hints can then be heard.

The objects themselves also provide you with clues, so neglect no details.

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