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Dungeon Alliance: Champions

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Quixotic Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-180 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Andrew Parks
Publisher Quixotic Games

Dungeon Alliance: Champions is the first expansion for the Dungeon Alliance deck-building miniatures adventure game.

This expansion introduces the following new materials to the game:

1) New Heroes & Upgrades: The expansion comes with 4 new heroes, including each character’s Hero Card, Hero Figure, and 3 Starting Deck Cards. The expansion also adds 8 new Upgrade Cards.

2) Deck of Many Treasures: The Deck of Many Treasures is a separate deck of cards that gives potential rewards for players willing to "dig deeper" into Treasure Chests and Locked Chests that they have opened.

3) Hero Selection Tokens: Hero Selection Tokens give an easier way to select random heroes targeted by Final Enemies and their minions.

4) Deep Dungeon Final Enemy Room: The Deep Dungeon Final Enemy Room lets players confront Final Enemies in a more climactic fashion. Heroes who find a quest entrance now open the way to the Final Enemy’s deadly lair filled with more minions and traps.

5) Final Enemy Room Cards: Deep Dungeon Final Enemy Room Cards provide further challenges for players who venture into the enemy’s lair, including vicious minions and debilitating traps.

6) Titan Room: The Realm of the Titan gives a godlike Final Enemy for players who play in Campaign Mode.

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