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Dungeon Academy

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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 20 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Julian Allain
Publisher Matagot

Time to enter a dungeon — a dungeon made up of dice! — to kill monsters and score as much as possible.

In Dungeon Academy, players have a piece of paper that shows four dungeons, with each dungeon being a 4x4 grid. The game plays over four rounds, and in each round you will go through one of these dungeons. Each player also holds a character card that shows some amount of life (red) and mana (blue) along with a special power.

What's really in the dungeon is determined by dice that you roll at the beginning of the round. You roll 16 dice, and let them settle in a 4x4 grid. The dice show red and blue monsters in small and large sizes, as well as blue potions and red strength. You choose where to enter the dice dungeon and which dice to pass through in a continuous line that can change directions only orthogonally, you draw this corresponding line on your grid until you exit at some other point of the dungeon without crossing over your line. You then take the lowest available number card, with the number of cards matching the number of players.

Once everyone has finished drawing a line through the dungeon, you trace out that path, removing life (1 or 2) to defeat red monsters (small or large) and mana (1 or 2) to defeat blue monsters (small or large). You put new tokens on your character as you pass through potions and strength spaces. Once you're through the grid, you earn points for the monsters you defeated, and you choose one of four quests on your sheet for bonus points. (In the second round, you pick one of the three remaining quests, so your choices diminish over time.) In player order dicated by your number card, you take one of the available treasures, providing points and powers. Your life and mana levels flip over into the next round.

In the second and third rounds, you replace one of the dice with a labyrinth die that can be passed through only in certain directions, and in the fourth round another die is replaced with the big boss die, allowing you something giant to take on before ending the game and adding up your final score.

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