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Dominations: Dynasties

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Holy Grail Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Eric Dubus, Olivier Melison
Publisher Holy Grail Games
Base Game Dominations: Road to Civilization

In Dynasties you will be allying yourself with your Nation's most prominent families, utilizing their skills to make your Civilisation even more powerful. There are 6 Dynasties, which each great family is associated with one of Dominations' Knowledge Domains.

Each Age, you play Dynasty cards. Each one of these cards represents a family member of a certain Dynasty – an individual of great prowess who will lend you their help in leading your nation to glory! These cards set off powerful effects that can bring resources, victory points, (sometimes both!) as well as other effects that give you a huge boost during your turns. Additionally, the order you play these cards over the course of the game is important, as it represents the Dynasty that will be leading your people through the Ages and you earn extra points by collecting sets!

When playing with Dynasties, you'll be drawing Dynasty cards at the beginning of each Age and drafting them. There is a deck of cards for each Age: I, II and III, each with expanding greater abilities. Each player picks 4 cards and chooses one before passing the remaining cards to the player on their left. They then take the three cards from the player on their right and select another card to keep. This is repeated again so that all players have 3 Dynasty cards in hand. All unused cards are then discarded to the box.

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