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Dogfight!: Rule The Skies in 20 Minutes!

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PSC Games
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 20 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Carlo A. Rossi
Publisher PSC Games

Dogfight! is the latest title to join the acclaimed Blitzkrieg line of 20-minute games.

In Dogfight! two rival aviators in the First World War will duel each other with Biplanes across the sky. To beat your enemy, you must maneuver yourself to get behind them and shoot at exactly the right moment!

Dogfight! is played over a maximum of three rounds or till one of the Biplanes has been shot down. If a Biplane is shot down, the game is over immediately and the surviving player is declared the winner! If the third round ends and neither plane has been shot down, the player who has taken fewer hits is the winner.

Both players pick a tile to play from behind their player screens and simultaneously reveal them. Players then moves their Biplane the number of spaces equal to the value of the tile played, which may also have "hit" icons. The game contains nine Biplanes, and they have different tile distributions. Several scenarios also come with the game.

Biplanes must follow the direction of the arrows around the white path (except when Looping the Loop). Each circle counts as one space and the colors on some spaces will affect shooting. Biplanes can move past one another and even finish in the same space, but be careful -- one wrong move and your enemy will loop behind you and blast away!

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