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Number of Players 3-6
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Jean-Louis Roubira
Publisher Libellud

One player is the storyteller for the turn and studies the images on the 6 cards in her hand. From one of these, she creates a sentence and says it out loud (without showing the card to the other players). Each other player picks the card in their hands which best matches the sentence and gives the selected card to the storyteller, without showing it to the others. The storyteller shuffles all the received cards into her own. All pictures are shown face up and each player has to bet upon which picture was the storyteller's. If nobody or everybody discovers the correct card, the storyteller scores zero, and each of the other players scores two. Otherwise the storyteller and whoever discovered the correct answer score three. Players score one point for every vote for their own card. The game is done when the deck is empty or if a player scores 30 points. In either case, the player with the majority points wins the game. The base game and all expansions contain 84 cards each.

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