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Disney Villainous Scar 1000 Piece Ravensburger Puzzle

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Number of Pieces 1,000
Difficulty Intermediate
Completed Measurements 27" x 20"
Artist N/A
Publisher Ravensburger
  • This 1000 piece Disney puzzle Villainous Scar features characters from the famous Disney movie Lion King: hanging on a wall picture frame with portraits of Simba, Scar & Co. - In the foreground, the matching toy figure from the Villainous board game
  • Ravensburger puzzle quality at a glance: a variety of shapes thanks to handmade punching knives, precise and kink-resistant puzzle pieces, reflection-free puzzle image thanks to natural linen embossing, made from recycled cardboard
  • Whether the puzzle is used as a decoration in the home after a single laying or is constantly puzzled again: puzzles are the perfect pastime for adults and children and an excellent tip against boredom
  • More than just a tiled game: Ravensburger puzzles are the ideal concentration training for children, fabulous for adult brain jogging and supports puzzlers of all ages in everyday relaxation
  • Contents: 1000 pieces Ravensburger puzzle in a 70 x 50 cm format, suitable for ages 14 years and up - the ideal gift for any occasion: whether as a Christmas gift, birthday gift or Easter gift
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