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Dice Hate Me
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 15 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Matthew O'Malley
Publisher Dice Hate Me

Diner is a fast-paced game about waiters in a friendly competition to make the most tip money. Take orders from the tables in your section, gather the plates to fill those orders, and serve your tables, and do it as quickly as possible while showing up the other players.

Diner features a pseudo-real time mechanic that has players passing action tokens whenever they take an action; if a player has no token, that player can't take an action. Sometimes, action tokens may accumulate in front of a player, allowing them to take multiple actions at once.

Diner is the winner of the Dice Hate Me Games 54-Card Challenge - a contest that challenges designers to create a game using only 54 cards and very minimal components. It was picked as winner among over 100 participants.

Diner puts players in the shoes of someone serving diners at a greasy spoon. The goal is to earn the most in tips by gathering plates of various types from the kitchen and then serving them to a table of diners in your section demanding certain orders. The real magic of the game is pseudo-real time action system.

When you want to take an action - like, seat a table in your section - you have to have an action token in front of you. After you perform the action you pass the token to the player next to you. Sometimes action tokens can pile up allowing you to do multiple things at once. Other times you’re urging other players to hurry up a bit so you can serve your tables.

Diner a very madcap, social experience, with lots of table talk. With the action tokens, however, it’s not total chaos like many real-time games - there is a lot of control worked into the mechanics. It’s a brilliant design that will appeal to many gamers whether they like real-time games or not. Guaranteed.

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