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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Joachim Thôme
Publisher Geek Attitude Games

Dicium invites you to experience four very different adventures through a central game mechanism of dice combinations. The "Dicium dice" are at the core of the game: eleven identical dice. Every side presents two aspects: a number and a color. On your turn, you use the combined results of your rolled dice to perform up to two actions. The two aspects on each side of a die give a large choice of number and color combinations.

While all four games follow the same general rules and last 30-60 minutes, each one is set in a specific universe and provides a distinct playstyle:

1. CRAZY CUP is a competitive racing game for up to 4 players, ages 8 and up.

Participate in a frantic race through the Grand Canyon. What devious tricks will you use to hinder your opponents, and be the first to cross the finish line?

2. DUNGEON is a cooperative adventure game for up to 4 players, ages 10 and up.

Explore the dungeon with your companions in search of treasures, but look out for monsters and traps. Will you locate the Goblin King's crown before he returns to the throne?

3. CIVILIZATION is a competitive conquest game for up to 4 players, ages 12 and up.

Become the world’s greatest conqueror! Explore the archipelago, establish cities, face your enemies, and construct a Wonder to ensure your empire's place in history.

4. SHOGUN is an asymmetrical confrontation game for either 2 or 4 players, ages 12 and up.

Ninja are sneaking into the palace to kidnap the Shogun! True to their Bushido code, the samurai must protect him. Which side will you pick?

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