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Deal with the Devil

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Number of Players 4
Playtime 80-160 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Matúš Kotry
Publisher CGE

Deal with the Devil is a thematic competitive Eurogame set in a fantasy medieval era. Each of the players takes on a secret role of a mortal, a cultist, or even the Devil. Due to the asymmetrical roles, players will experience the same game but with different game goals every play.

During the blind trading phase, players may offer their resources in exchange for money from another player. The Devil can tempt mortals with goods for a piece of their soul, while the cultist's nature is to sell their soul easily. Only the accompanying app will know who is trading with whom.

But beware! Showing off how well you are doing will attract unwelcome attention and the suspicion of other players. It may also pique the interest of the Inquisition, which is eager to punish those who cannot prove their souls remain intact.

There are many dynamic strategies to experiment with across each game. Will you sell pieces of your soul early in the game to boost your city-building prowess at the risk of future punishment from the Inquisition? Or will you carefully manage your loans and debt repayment while waiting for others to inadvertently reveal their nefarious nature? Every decision has a consequence, and each role has its own unique strategic approach to explore.

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