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Deadly Dinner: Red Carpet in Ruins

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Pegasus Spiele
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Number of Players 6-8
Playtime 180-240 Min
Suggested Ages 16+
Designer(s) Lukas Setzke, Martin Student, Verena Wiechens
Publisher Pegasus Spiele

An interactive crime/thriller experience for friends and foes!

Hollywood 1959: A famous actor is murdered on the set with his own Oscar. 6 to 8 suspects try together to expose who the murderer is among you. Role distribution can be sent online ahead of the game.

Eight suspects. One dinner. A puzzling social experiment.

As a host, you will invite your guests to a dinner, during which you solve a mysterious death. But be careful: one of you will be the murderer! In order to solve the mystery, you have to uncover shady machinations and dark secrets as well as carefully challenge the other players. This is the only way to solve the murder!

Hollywood 1959: Everything takes place on the set of the long-awaited Hollywood comedy "The Soldier Who Loved Me" where the popular movie star Henry Steward is found dead. One thing is very clear: glitter and glamor cannot hide this violent and bloody crime. The culprit is among you!

Can you determine what happened? And can you solve the case?

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