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DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil

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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 45-75 Min
Suggested Ages 15+
Designer(s) Matt Hyra
Publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment

DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil is the third standalone game in Cryptozoic's DC Comics deck-building series, each of which can be played on its own or in combination with the other titles. In addition to adding new challenges and abilities, Forever Evil lets you play as the villains in the DC universe instead of the heroes.

It's fun to be evil! In the DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil, players finally get the opportunity to play the game as some of the most infamous Super-Villains in the DC Universe! With a name like Forever Evil, you can expect to find new and more dangerous Attacks, strong Defenses and a number of nefarious ways to mess with your opponents. Card destruction is rampant in this set! Like every good Villain knows, henchmen you leave behind don't count toward your bottom line. If you're tired of finishing the game with Starter cards still in your deck, then this is the set for you!

Forever Evil adds Victory Point tokens to DC Deck-Building Game! Just be on the lookout for lowly thieves who would steal away your hard-earned loot. While this game is a full-fledged stand-alone game, it can also be used with all previous releases in the line.

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