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25th Century
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Number of Players 3-6
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 17+
Designer(s) Adam Bain, Grant Lyon
Publisher 25th Century

You're a cantankerous crank, a surly grump, a crusty grouch, and an ill-tempered malcontent all rolled in one body! This game rewards you for being the biggest Curmudgeon on the block because it’s pretty awesome.

Curmudgeon is a game about insults! Use your own creativity to craft insults from keywords. Throw those insults at other players’ life cards, engage in retort battles, win the battles and earn points. After the final round, all players die and the game ends. The player with the most points wins and dies the biggest Curmudgeon!


  • 89 Life Cards (4 blank for customization)
  • 94 Insult Cards
  • 96 Retort Cards
  • 38 Curmudgeon Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 6 Lame Cards
  • 6 Cheat sheet cards
  • 1 Last Breath card
  • 1 Player Indicator
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