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Crimes & Capers: And the Winner Is... Dead

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Number of Players 4-6
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Juliana Moreno Patel, Ariel Rubin
Publisher Renegade Game Studios

You are one of the nominees at the 67th Annual Music Awards! Unfortunately, you won't be winning any awards tonight. The host, Mannie, America's Sweetheart Pop Star, is dead. We are asking that you stay in the green room for your safety. While there, try to open Mannie's purse to search for clues as to what went down at rehearsal that led to her murder.

Crimes & Capers: And the Winner Is... Dead is a co-operative game in which you and a group of friends are famous recording artists and work together to solve the mystery. No unique skills or prior knowledge are required. Read social media posts and solve puzzles to open Mannie's purse, then figure out who murdered her!

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