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Crescent Moon

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Osprey Games
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Number of Players 4-5
Playtime 150-180 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Steven Mathers
Publisher Osprey Games

As the sun rises over the rivers, deserts, and oases of the Caliphate, a delicate balance has been upset. As one of many rival powers in the region, you will now have the opportunity to alter the course of history and seize power for yourself. The ambitious Sultan sits within a golden palace, presiding over great works of architecture. The secretive Murshid works to secretly undermine the central authorities through an expansive network of agents.

The wandering tribes of the Nomad aim to sow discord in order to gain employment for their experienced mercenary citizenry. The ravaging forces of the Warlord sweep throughout the land, chasing after promises of plunder. And, in the face of uncertainty and chaos, the Caliph aims to preserve order through military might. Will you successfully navigate this web of rivalries and rise to prominence, or will you squabble with your lesser adversaries and disappear into obscurity?

Crescent Moon is played over three years (or four years for the long game). Each year, players take four actions which might be to deploy new armies, enlist mercenaries, build fortifications and settlements, conquer new land, expand their influence, and much more. Every character has a unique pool of abilities and available actions, which will shape their game, whether its the Sultan, who cannot raise their own army and must depend on mercenaries, or the Murshid, who can use their political influence to interfere in other characters' battles. Players may purchase potent power cards, representing ploys, wise advisors, and specialist units from a market shared between all players. At the end of every year, players score points according to their own unique character objectives, and at the end of the game, the player with most points wins.

Crescent Moon is a game for four or five players. Take on the role of one of five radically asymmetric characters, each with their own objectives to fulfil, unique actions to utilise, and game-changing special powers to use. Build symbiotic relationships with your allies, undermine your rivals, and pick your friends and enemies wisely in this cut-throat game of power and politics.

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