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Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Eons

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Number of Players 3-8
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Bill Eberle, Peter Olotka, Greg Olotka
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Base Game Cosmic Encounter

The galaxy continues to expand with Cosmic Eons, the sixth expansion for the beloved game Cosmic Encounter. Cosmic Eons brings a hidden alliances in which players decide their alliances secretly and reveal them simultaneously, adding suspense, bluffing and maybe even backstabbing to the Alliance phase. 30 new aliens come into the game, including several who begin the game with essence cards that enable players to help, fine, traumatize, and even give bad dreams to their opponents. An expansion for the classic game Cosmic Encounter created by original Cosmic Encounter creators Bill Eberle, Peter Olotka, and Greg Olotka 30 new playing Aliens join the game. New hidden alliances variant offers suspense and opportunities for bluffing.

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