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Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance

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Number of Players 3-8
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Kevin Wilson
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Base Game Cosmic Encounter

Unexpected alliances are forming throughout the galaxy, and fantastic new aliens have arrived to be part of them. Can these unlikely partnerships last? It’s a party in the cosmos, and everyone’s joining. Cosmic Alliance, the third expansion for Cosmic Encounter, brings 20 new (and classic) alien races. Players will now stand terrified by the hideous Gorgon, be baffled by the puzzle of the Schizoid, and feel obsolete before the bionics of the Cyborg. Cosmic Alliance makes the cosmos even bigger, adds another player and offers rules for larger 8 player games (if you own all 3 expansions). Finally, Cosmic Alliance brings a new variant – team rules, which lets steadfast allies to dominate the cosmos together. The third expansion for Cosmic Encounter, the classic game of interstellar politics offers 20 new and classic aliens to Cosmic Encounter and adds components for an additional player.

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