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Eggert Spiele
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli
Publisher Eggert Spiele

As the head of one of Coimbra’s richest houses, you seek to earn prestige during this prosperous era. In an effort to reserve the best reputation, you must clinch favors from the city’s most influential citizens - scholars, clerics, council members, and merchants - with a bit of coin or a little extra protective detail.

While there are many ways to victory, the best of players will always look to optimize their opportunities with every roll of the dice. Coimbra brings a unique dice mechanism wherein the dice players draft will be utilized multiple times every round in various aspects of decision making.

Combined with always changing synergies between available tiles and cards - no game of Coimbra will ever be the same!


1 Game board
4 Player boards
13 Dice
24 Monasteries
15 Voyage cards
56 Character cards
4 Favor tiles
4 Crown tokens
4 Influence scoring tiles
12 Die holders
1 Cap tile
100 Disks
4 Pilgrims
4 Lions
8 Markers
5 Die tokens
1 Rulebook

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