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Code 3

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Black Key Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 45-120 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Brandon Byler, Matt Ruggiero
Publisher Black Key Games

Code 3 is a story-driven, cooperative, 80s-themed crime fighting game. Can you rescue your city from badly-named mob bosses, fear-inducing serial killers, a rising crime rate, and a police Chief that isn’t always your friend? These officers might have 99 problems, but crime ain’t one.

Code 3’s cooperative scenarios challenge players to complete goals and make decisions before revealing the next part of a branching story arc. Of course, mob bosses aren’t the only thing hampering our officers, as 911 calls spread like wildfire about your city. If too many 911 calls go unanswered… the game is over.

Customize your crime fighting duo by picking two officers (out of hundreds of officer combinations), each with their own unique deck, which are then shuffled together to create your “Beat Partners” deck.

You can customize your Beat Partners deck to answer 911 calls quickly, to investigate for witnesses and evidence, to complete scenario objectives, or even move your beat cops into position to help your allies. There are hundreds of character combinations that you can experiment with, and finding the best two cops (or canines!) will be key to your team’s victory! Decisions are everywhere!

Most importantly, Code 3 gives players the chance to handle things by the book... or play just outside the rules. However, if players decide to step outside the Police Department’s Code of Conduct then the Internal Affairs Division starts investigating them. Players will then shuffle "IA Heat" cards into their deck, and if two are ever drawn on the same turn, those players must immediately proceed to a contentious "Internal Affairs Interview." Unfortunately, this keeps players from hitting the street and handling those 911 calls. Your teammates can assist you during the IA Interview by vouching for you... but at what cost? Are they willing to put their name on the line for you? Are they willing to risk their own interview with IA?

Code-3 is a sand box of 80's cop action themes. Do you enjoy rolling dice? Do you enjoy pushing your luck? Do enjoy love unraveling the story? The meta-game? Assisting the team? Taking Lead? And... do handle it by the book? Find out here!

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