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Clue: Escape the Midnight Hotel

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Number of Players 1-6
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) George Feledichuk, David "Duvey" Rudow, Leo Taylor
Publisher Hasbro

After Black's murder at Tudor Mansion, you and the rest of his guests have been invited to his memorial at The Midnight Hotel. There you learn that the blackmail he had gathered on you all still exists — and one of you has just tried to steal it! Now players must deduce WHO tried to swipe the blackmail, WHERE it's stored, and WHAT is the password to open it. The Clue Escape: The Midnight Hotel game offers classic Clue characters and mystery in an escape room game that allows you to play right away with limited setup. Players will move their pawns around a 3D board that's built room-by-room as they draw cards, solve puzzles, unlock rooms, and uncover clues. After escaping the hotel, they will review the clues they’ve collected and use deduction to make a correct accusation and win!

ESCAPE AND SOLVE MYSTERY GAME: What happens after Boddy's murder? The story continues in Clue Escape: The Midnight Hotel game, offering the intrigue of classic Clue in an escape room board game

AN EXCITING, 1-TIME SOLVE COOPERATIVE GAME: In this cinematic, single-play strategy game, players will join forces and use sleuthing skills to escape the hotel, then solve the mystery. Or play solo for the ultimate escape room game for 1 player.

Difficulty: 3/5.

Contents: 6 plastic pawns, 7 gameboards, 109 cards, 3 secret envelopes, and game guide

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