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Charty Party

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Charty Party LLC
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Number of Players 3-8
Playtime 30-90 Min
Suggested Ages 17+
Designer(s) Evan Katz, Josh Roberts
Publisher Charty Party LLC

The outrageously funny game of ridiculous charts!

If you like weird charts, goofy card games, and want a fresh game for your next party night, give Charty Party a try!

How to play?

  • Every player takes 7 cards
  • All the players pick a judge from themselves, who will draw a chart card.
  • Everyone plays a card by passing it face-down to the judge. Pick the funniest card which fits with the chart card.
  • The judge selects the funniest card related to the chart card, giving one point to the owner of the card.

You can play any number of rounds you want. At the end, the player with the most points win the game!

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