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Caverna: Cave vs Cave

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Lookout Games
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Number of Players 1-2
Playtime 20-40 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher Lookout Games

In the 2 player game Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, each player begins the game with only two dwarves and a small excavation in the side of a mountain. Over the play of 8 rounds, they'll double their workforce, open up new living space in the mountain, construct new buildings and rooms to live in, and dig for precious metals. In more detail, each player begins the game with an individual player board that's covered with a random assortment of face-down building/room tiles and only one space. Some tiles are face up and available to buy at the start of play. Four action tiles lie face up too. At the beginning of each of the eight rounds, one new action tile is shown, then players alternate taking actions, with the number of actions increasing from two up to four over the course of the game. As players excavate their mountainous player board, new building and room tiles are included to the pool; some rooms can be used immediately when acquired, others require the use of an action tile. After eight rounds, players add up their points for buildings constructed and gold collected to see who wins.

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