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Catch Phrase!: Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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WS Game Company
Number of Players 4-16
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Craig Clark Williamson
Publisher WS Game Company

Travel back in time to your favorite 90s game night!

It contains graphics and components inspired by the original 1994 version and it's all packaged in a stylish linen book-box that will look elegant and distinguished on any bookcase.

A must-have for any game-collector - AND any family game night!

Never played Catch Phrase before? Here's how it works:

Players form two teams. On your turn, simultaneously press the button on the phrase disk and start the timer - Then, it's up to you to attempt to get your team to guess what the phrase is before the time runs out.

You can make any physical gestures and you can give almost any verbal cue, but there's a catch - You can't use words that rhyme, you can't give the first letter, you can't say the number of syllables, and you can't say part of any of the words in the clue.

Once your team correctly guesses, the other team takes a turn and play continues until the time runs out. The team not holding the phrase disk when the buzzer goes off gets one point, AND they get to try and guess the other team's phrase for a bonus point.

The first team to get 7 points wins!

Celebrate classic, quick-paced phrase-finding fun with the Vintage Bookshelf Edition of Catch Phrase.

  • Vintage Bookshelf Edition - Catch Phrase
  • Classic Catch Phrase game in a stylish book-box
  • Encourages language skills, communication skills, quick thinking, creativity, critical thinking,
  • Features components and graphics inspired by the 1994 version
  • Original gameplay - Teams race to guess the right catch phrases
  • First team to get 7 points wins the game
  • Linen-covered book box looks great on any bookshelf
  • Comes with Catch Phrase disk player, game board, 16 word/phrase disks, electronic randomized timer, 2 movers
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries - Not included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
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