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Castle Party

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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Josep M. Allué, Eugeni Castaño
Publisher Devir

Each year the Pumpkin King invites us to his castle to celebrate the autumn ball in his honor. Castle Party is the craziest shindig in town and without a doubt the most not to be missed soiree for any monster worth something in the scarebusiness. You can’t miss it for the world! The guests are arriving at the castle. As usual, they will gather together in groups.

This is a “flip and write” game, meaning we take cards and then write on a board. The active player flips over a card with a polynomial shape and then everybody places a monster card on the table in the attempt to match the shape on the card. Finally, and in correspondence with their own place around the table and their perspective on the shape, the players will draw the monsters on their own personal boards and try to group the monsters into families to obtain the best score.

Castle Party has three scoring phases during which the players get points depending on how they have grouped their guests. When the old cuckoo clock plays for the third and terrifying time everyone has to say goodbye until next year and leave the party. However, whoever organized the wildest and most fun Castle Party will win a special place in the Pumpkin King’s heart and wins game.

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