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Card Game for Rebel Girls

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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 10-20 Min
Suggested Ages 6+
Designer(s) -
Publisher Gibsons

Explore, play and learn without limits!

Build a team of extraordinary leaders, pioneers, warriors, creators and champions in this original set-collecting card game that celebrates inspiring Rebel Girls from throughout history.

The goal of Card Game for Rebel Girls is to collect and complete sets of Character Cards to earn as many Rebel Reward points as possible.

Each Rebel Reward Card needs a different team of Rebel Girls to complete the task, so players must use their Character Card’s abilities and the handy Wild Cards to build a squad of strong girls!

Vibrantly illustrated and super inspirational, this card game is based on the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls novels. These best-selling books are an inspiring collection of stories about strong women, from iconic world leaders to little-known pioneers, and present an alternate history of progress and achievement. Each page is adorned with vibrant, imaginative illustrations by talented female artists from around the world, and the artwork is used in our bright and colourful card game.

This empowering card game is great for children 6+ and has personalised certificates for any rebel who is inspired to achieve greatness in their own lives. While learning about fascinating women throughout history, the Card Game for Rebel Girls encourages players to work hard, be bold and remember to be proud of everything they have achieved.

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